By Alice Sourdes- Stylist

What if diamonds grew on trees (or in labs)? No more stones from mines around the world, diamonds are now entering the fields of technological culture to the delight of jewelry enthusiasts. Focus on lab-grown diamonds.

Emeralds, rubies, crystals, lapis lazuli, all the precious stones jostle in the windows of jewelry stores. However, there is a stone that all jewelry lovers dream of having at their fingertips: diamonds ! When we say diamonds, we often think of the role of Audrey Hepburn in “Diamants sur Canapé” , the Tiffany & Co. stores or even the sparkling jewels seen in the windows of Place Vendôme. The hidden side, and much less sparkling, of diamonds, it is also dangerous and complex mining extractions. To remedy this problem, various jewelry houses have taken the leap of technology. Forget the diamonds extracted from African mines, it is now lab-grown diamonds that steal the show from precious stones ! Less expensive to produce and almost almost indistinguishable, synthetic diamonds are there to become permanently embedded in the landscape of jewelry and their jewelry collections. And that promises.

A story of chic diamonds!

The choice of laboratory or synthetic diamonds is not new. While attempts to make these special diamonds have been taking place for decades, these artificial stones have only been used for a few years in the jewelry sector, but several brands have already taken the fold of the trend. The Courbet jewelry store or the Pandora and Maty brands have chosen synthetics. Less expensive to produce despite the low number of specialized laboratories, only one in France the Diam Concept, potentially more respectful of the planet, or even extremely similar to mining diamonds thanks to a complex laboratory process, there are many advantages that we ready for lab-grown diamond are multiple. The jewelry brands, however, do not stop fighting on the subject, and the teams are divided: synthesis or mining, we cannot confuse everything.

Lab-grown diamonds, the false good idea?

Diamonds are surely one of the most famous and controversial gemstones. Nicknamed "blood diamonds", the extraction of these precious stones is decried because it often pays little attention to the safety and health of workers, when they are not children, to the management and motivations of operators, but also to its effects on nature. Synthetic stones and mined diamonds may be similar in their physical, chemical and visual properties, but artificial diamonds struggle to convince. While purists and proponents of synthetic diamonds are arguing over which is the least polluting, on the other side of the Atlantic, they are already in place all found… in the costume jewelry sector! Sometimes perceived as less precious than the mined diamond, synthetic diamonds have been able to ride the hype of cooler jewelry . It remains to be seen whether these artificial diamonds will succeed in ousting their peers in all jewelry store windows!